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Volleyball Blocking Tactics

Blocking techniques may vary team to team. For some, it may be the primary method of defense, for others, blocking may be used effectively to take up space diggers aren’t defending. The advantage of blocking is if a team’s blockers are able to read hitters well, it can make defense a lot easier. If your blockers are blocking well, it becomes a lot easier to dig.

To be an effective blocker, you will need to stay in a balanced position ready to anticipate. Good blocking skills also consists of moving into good position to jump up and penetrate the net with your hands and arms to block your opponent’s attack. With good skills, you also need to own a pair of the best volleyball shoes if you want to get an upper hand in the game.

Below are few strategies to Surprise Opposing Attackers:

Soft Block

A soft block is blocking the ball in a way where you try to keep the ball in play. This type of blocking is usually done by reaching high and back when blocking to deflect the ball up so that your teammates can make a play. These strategies are often used by teams with short blockers. The back-row players can also try this as long as when they make contact with the ball there isn’t any part of their body which is above the net.

Split Block

Performing split blocks with teammates can be effective volleyball strategies for surprising hitters. You need to talk to your other blockers well ahead of time and decide if the middle blocker is taking the angle hit and if the outside or right side blocker is taking line. This is best for when you have a hitter that repeatedly hits the ball sharply around a team’s block.

Solo Blocking

This type of blocking is successful either by starting the block by standing in the hitters line or angle, then jumping and penetrating as you normally would or by starting in blocking position as if your blocking teammate was there with you and then as you jump reach to the side and penetrate the angle or line to block.

One Hand Clamp Block in Volleyball

A one hand clamp block strategy is best when the set is tight but not tight enough to get two hands on the ball. You will basically want to get to the ball the same time or a split second after the hitter does. Volleyball strategies for blocking with one hand should only be used if the sets are not tight enough to get both your hands on the ball. It always is a better strategy to block with two hands. Blocking with one hand is an advanced technique and may be only used to surprise or intimidate an attacker.

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